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    Why MBATrek (formerly EntrepreneurTrek)?

    • To gain practical skills, network with others, and pitch your idea to potential investors
    • To seek an internship or job through face-to-face networking with VCs, start-ups, and high-tech companies
    • To leverage Bay Area’s critical mass of high-tech/entrepreneurial start-up resources

    MBATrek provides the critical mass for face-to-face networking and building of your ‘practical’ start-up tool kit. It is designed to complement existing programs at many leading business schools, and to leverage Bay Area’s unparalleled environment for launching your ideas and business.

    What are the best boarding options?

    • First, try to reach out to your alumni network in the Bay Area.  Your favorite online travel sites is your next best option.  A new service, Airbnb, seems reasonable.  In fact, Airbnb just gave us a $50 discount!  Use code MBATREK50.

    The event is free, I assume? (I didn’t see any pricing info on the site)Jack Huang, London Business School | MBA 2009

    • Our goal is to provide an affordable program for current students. We rely on sponsorships to assist those with economic disadvantage in attending MBATrek, and hopefully to fund the MBATrek Business Plan Pitch!

    Will there be an opportunity to network or meet those with a more technical background? The list of invitees seem all to be MBA folks. I’m currently incubating a few start-up ideas and I’m desperate for a good CTO-like advisor or partner. I think other start-up pursuits I’ve seen stemming out of MBA programmes face the same dilemma. Jack Huang, London Business School | MBA 2009

    • Yes, we plan to offer ways for business and technical entrepreneurs to connect, network, and brainstorm and will invite more technical folks – CMU West Coast campus, SCEA, etc., to MBATrek 2011!

    How do I get my school involved?

    • Please email your request to info@mbatrek.org along with the contact information for your school’s champions (Dean/Professor of entrepreneurship or class president/officers).

    What should I expect?

    • To get involved and stay informed, simply email your contact information to info@mbatrek.org.
    • You will then receive a survey that will help us better understand your needs.
    • We expect to finalize the program’s schedule and participants at end of January 2011.

    Please send feedback, questions, and comments to info@mbatrek.org.

    The MBATrek Team

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